Sep 23

„ISS Image Frontier – Making The Invisible Visible“ screening at Imagine Science Film Festival NYC (Oct. 11th to 18th)

Great News! My Shortfilm „The ISS Image Frontier – Making the invisible visible“ as well as „Astronomer’s Paradise“, a¬†The World at Night¬†Project with TWAN Founder Babak Tafreshi, will screen at the 6th annual Imagine Science Festival in NYC (Oct. 11th … Continue reading

Aug 21

Astromaster La Palma, 26-30 Sept, Timelapse and Landscape Astrophotography Workshop Review!

AstroMaster La Palma

Our AstroMaster 2013 Workshop (Sep. 26-30) was so¬†much fun! The 5-day workshop was a huge success with 18 Participants from all over the World, including Photographers from the US, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany… We as lecturers actually did … Continue reading

Aug 14

Hunting Perseids over Tyrol – Success!

Perseids imaging.

What a great adventure! Back from Perseids imaging! Been out three afternoons and nights in a row trying to catch some Perseids images. Perseids? Meteor Shower? Says Wiki: The¬†Perseids¬†/ňąp…úrsiňź…®dz/¬†are a prolific¬†meteor shower¬†associated with the¬†comet¬†Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids are so-called because the … Continue reading

Tutorial: Showing the Blue Marble – Earth at Night 2012 – in Google Earth


Google Earth at Night 2012

The somewhat „inofficial“ blue marble Earth at Night 2012 navigator has been around a while now, and it is very popular not only amongst Astronomers, Landscape Astrophotographers, Nature and Documentary Filmmakers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Environmental Researches. The Earth at Night … Continue reading

Jul 19

Astromaster La Palma, 26-30 Sept, advanced Timelapse and Landscape Astrophotography Workshop!

Astromaster La Palma, 26-30 Sept, 2013

I am pleased to announce our new ASTROMASTER Workshop on the beautiful Canary Island of La Palma! An opportunity to join senior photography experts¬†Christoph Malin & Babak Tafreshi (TWAN)¬†for a¬†5-day workshop¬†covering various aspects of¬†landscape astrophotography, image processing and timelapse techniques. … Continue reading