To understand why I am so excited about the new MacPro you need to know my IT history. Because fun thing is, Windows and MS-DOS is basically where I come from.

I’ve worked and admin’ed with Microsoft Windows Systems for over 20 years. My early IT “life” began ca. 1983 with a Commodore C64, later traded for a C128. While at the HTL Dornbirn higher college, we were learning Pascal and Fortran on a Micro Vax. Then the AT80286 PC (MS-DOS) and Novell Netware arrived at the office of our dad’s company (during summer holidays and on weekends I was in charge of all this ;), the next years saw the 32bit AT80386AT80486, 486DX2. Windows 3.1Windows95Windows 98Windows NT 3.1 and 4.0Intel PentiumWindows 2000 and XP, Blackberry Exchange Server…

Unfortunately then Windows Vista and it’s gone wrong User Account Control arrived. It really drove me nuts for more than a year. Being a freelancer by then, I had been working with Mac’s from time to time at Editorial Offices. Vista made me realize, how tired I was of late Service Packs, bloated AntiVirus Software, nasty BlueScreens, annoying Driver Issues and the Windows UI in general. I also estimated that I probably had lost around a couple of months of my lifetime due to fixing all the before mentioned issues common to Windows Systems. It was OK and a welcome challenge for over 20 years, but suddenly became a burden.

I truly needed a change. When in 2009 a friend told me that there was Parallels (or VMware) to run Windows within OSX, and even the possibility of dual booting Windows and OSX on a Mac, I wasted no time and bought a refurbed 17″ MacBookPro. And got a new IT life.

Fun was back, and lifetime too. No Driver Issues, BlueScreens, Antivirus madness, instead OSX welcomed me with an amazingly simple administration. Of course Mac’s are not perfect and have their issues too, but I have not looked back since. Running an office with quite an amount of Macs I can easily admin’ all machines gives me more time to be productive. And this is key, especially when it counts during high production times, and under high loads – and there is always a high load in Time-lapse processing.

MacPro at the Headquarter or Death Star talking to Apollo 13

MacPro at the Headquarter or Death Star talking to Apollo 13

Christoph Malin

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