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Portrait Christoph Malin

Portrait Christoph Malin

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Based near Innsbruck, Austria, I have worked as a journalist / travel-sports photographer / consultant for nearly 20 years in the Bicycle industry. Originally a engineer and IT / network specialist with the textile industry, I made my journalistic passion my new job around 1996, specializing in bicycle / outdoor technical, sports and travel stories, catalog campaigns, features, editorials and consulting to tourism offices.

Due to a inner ear illness that grounded me from Mountainbiking, I since 2010 have been involved at the frontline of the new art of timelapse filming, especially at low light (astronomic landscape) content. I am since then producing on-site and providing timelapse content for international (scientific) TV and film productions (see below).

Following is a a short bio.

Located at the heart of the alps

Happy living and working in one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes of the alps near Innsbruck / Austria, I am thankful of the nature that surrounds me. It gives me many opportunities and provides for a healthy lifestyle that includes Skitouring, Mountainbiking and Hiking.

Enjoying a autumn ride on my Liteville 601 at the Innsbruck Nordkette.

Enjoying a autumn ride on my Liteville 601 at the Innsbruck Nordkette.

In 2001 I have founded Vertriders.com and co-developed the Nordkette Singletrail, Europe’s ever steepest Mountainbike Downhill trail. Freelancing nearly two decades for Sports- and Bicycle Magazines, I have witnessed all ups and downs of the Sports industry – from the editor point of view, as well as from within.

Six amazing years as marketing key accounter at Austria’s top cycling distributor followed. Since then I went back to my core photographic and editorial business. I have broadened my portfolio with business consultancy in the Bicycle- and Tourism Industry, connecting both trades and markets, creating new content and projects.

I consult for the OeAV Austrian Alpine Association (Member of the MTB Instructor Team, Course developing).

New challenges with Timelapse Content Producing

Imaging for ESO.org at 5050 m, Altiplano, Chile

Imaging for ESO.org at 5050 m, Altiplano, Chile

Being an (available light) landscape photographer for two decades loving nature, I more and more got fascinated by the beautiy of the night sky and night landscapes. After a legendary Tyrol photography session in 2010 with Lennart Nilson prizeholder and TWANight director Babak Tafreshi, I now have specialized in time-lapse photography / filmmaking full-time, where I soon built a international reputation as an expert on large scale timelapse processing and retouche due to various successful film projects. In 2011 I was invited to the ESO Photo Ambassadors for ESO.org, the worlds leading Astronomical Observatory Organization, and in 2012 became an invited member of TWANight.org, worlds second biggest Astronomy site, and home to the international collective of some of the worlds most accomplished astrophotographers and international astrophotography talent.

Ready made time-lapse content production for Cinema, TV and Broadcast on-site, optimizing client timelapse RAW content, are now an important asset in my portfolio. I cooperate with renown German Filmmakers Campilots and am a Member of Artfabrik Innsbruck, in charge of motion control, various timelapse content creating for Universum Series and other international projects.

I work with Nikon and Canon cameras and enjoy Apple hard- and software since many Moons.

Clear skies and dry trails…
Christoph Malin