Room with a View – from the International Space Station (4K) released before XMAS

Update Jan 11th:

With the passing away of David Bowie I dedicate the Shortfilm to this wonderful Artist which has accompanied so many of us with his wonderful Music during our lives.

Speaking of Music: Some have criticized that I’ve used a cover song here, but hey, it is a beautiful one, and from what I know – the Man himself liked and approved this version.


“Room with a View” – dedicated to all Astronauts, Cosmonauts, NASA, ESA, FSA/Roskosmos and everyone who makes this possible!

Room = International Space Station
View = Earth

In these turbulent times it is important from time to time to keep the International Space Station in our focus: Since 27 years the ISS is a symbol of peace and international cooperation.

In 2013 Dr. Don Pettit (NASA/ISS/Space Shuttle Astronaout) and me released a ShortDoc about Astrophotography in Space called „The ISS Image Frontier – Making the Invisible Visible“. It got a honorable Mention at the NYC Google Science Film Festival 2013 (see link far below).

So, right before XMAS and to spread some good vibes in this crazy world, I have just released a new shortfilm made with ISS footage of ISS043 to 45 as well as with rare footage from Don.

The footage is edited to a wonderful cover of David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” by L.A. based Band “Warpaint”. Every Image Sequence was as always rendered entirely Inhouse in 5K.

Almost all of the footage was kept as raw and original as possible in grading, with only slight retouches. Please also note that except for the Timelapse Cupola Part with Don Pettit and the flight over Europe at the end, all footage was processed “as is”, and as it was shot by the Astronauts. So there you have the Typhoon at the beginning going into a view of the Canary Islands etc.

As for the RAW looks of the footage: it’s Astrophotography in Space – there are Cosmic Ray Sensor Damages, Noise, Sensor Dust, ultra High ISO’s, extreme Dynamic Range.

Astrophotography on the ISS is never easy.

Please enjoy.
Christoph Malin

(if you are interested in Astrophotography in Space, and the challenges that come with it told by an Astronaut please check out our earlier film „The ISS Image Frontier – making the invisible visible“ (

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