Marvelous Transitions under a Southern Sky

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as you all know, I am one of the few experts worldwide on seamless Day-to-Night-to-Day Timelapse Transitions. I am doing them since a couple of years now, and am still stoked by every single transition I can later watch on my screens 😉 There is so much to see in these documents of natures glory.

Christoph Malin at Work at the VISTA Telescope Site...

Christoph Malin at Work at the VISTA Telescope Site…

So I was very excited to be part of the outstanding Photographer Team on this years #ESOUltraHD Expedition in spring 2014, including Babak Tafreshi, Yuri Beletski and Herbert Zodet of ESO, their legendary cameraman.

We did a strenuous two week trip to the ESO Observatories Cerro Paranal, ALMA and La Silla.

Below you find a very personal selection of some of the timelapse transitions I did during this expedition – kept in their full length and glory for enjoyable viewing. I was also very happy to find some beautiful Moby tracks for this short film.

Check out the Vimeo description text for more details on Hardware used.

The ESO Observatories: Atacama Transitions and Landscapes under the Southern Sky from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

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Christoph Malin

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