London Polar Mesospheric Noctilucent Clouds – Short Timelapse

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Dear all,

it happened recently on a Trip to London with friends… After a long day of Photography at this beautiful City we finally went to a Pub. So as we get out long after midnight and walk back to the Hotel over Westminster Bridge I am thinking: What the…?!? Bright Night Shining Clouds are visible above the Northern Horizon. I think to myself: Am I dreaming, did I have too much beer?

But no: It is shimmering, blue Polar Mesospheric Noctilucent Clouds what we see above London’s Nightsky that will soon transition into the Morning. So everyone is in a Rush: Tripods, Cameras, Remote Controls – all set up quickly on the bridge. Cameras set to High ISO, super short interval to get the most footage out until the Morning comes in.

London Noctilucent Mesospheric Clouds from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

How NLCs look like, I do know from many beautiful Photographs of my swedish TWAN collegaue P-M Heyden. So the first time I see them, I can confirm: they are just beautiful.

But that was not the end of our NLC adventure… In the Night before Departure to the Airport (Airport Cab scheduled 6:30 am), we had arrived again of course just home from a Pub. Everyone is packing, when someone comes in, “Hey, there are NLC’s forming again on the Horzion”… So, unpacking all Camera gear and imaging again, until 05:00 AM.

Polar Mesospheric Clouds above London

Polar Mesospheric Clouds above London

So to say, these were unforgettable Impressions. NLC’s over London!

Phil Plait of Slate Magazine brought an informative Article about our Shortfilm, as well as NASA picked it up as an APOD! Great fun, great experience.

Christoph Malin & Vincent Breysacher

Sound: Didi Konzett,

Canon 6D
Novoflex EOS NIK/NT Adapter
AFS Nikkor 24-70/2.8
Lightroom 5
After Effects

Christoph Malin

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