Being part of the 2014 ESO Ultra HD expedition to Chile is just great!

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Dear all,

I am very excited to be part of the very awesome team for the 2014 ESO Ultra HD expedition to Chile!

ESO Ultra HD Expedition

ESO Ultra HD Expedition

This expedition will have a global media impact and is a really exciting opportunity for ESO, together with external technology partners, to showcase the Ultra HD format.

As well as we believe we will provide something no one else has done so far.

All necessary information about the Expedition is to be found here:

Please also have a look at the Expedition’s PDF which is available at the same page via Download Link (bottom right)

We also provide an Expedition blog (new article every 3 days, in total 40 articles):

ESO’s promotion campaign is impressive: live blog, social media, newsletters, news items, partnerships etc.

  • ESO web reach (4+ million visits per year)
  • ESO social media reach (>80.000 fans)
  • ESO newsletter subscriber basis (>25.000)

Looking forward to Chile in March.

Here is a Video of our 2011 expedition:

Astronomer’s Paradise. It’s dark, cold, but beautiful – Atacama Skies! “AP” as we also call it, is a huge international success and collaboration with my pal Babak Tafreshi of!

Astronomer’s Paradise from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

All the best,
Christoph Malin

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