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Daily Motion in Japan

Daily Motion in Japan






Dear all,

I recently learned that I have quite a followership in the Country of the rising sun. Also a couple of weeks ago Japanese National Broadcasting contacted my for a clip of my Innsbruck film work “Urban. Mountain. Sky” and “Adventures after Dark”.

Which is actually very nice. Japan is a peaceful and wonderful country with a great culture. I’d love to visit the place one time. So a Japanese friend researched for me and he writes:

“Dear Christoph,

Good morning! I’ve found something for you! Please refer below;

Your Timelapse starts from 8:28-9:50. This video material’s been put on
the internet by someone, but at least you can see what kind of TV programme was.

This is the TV prgramme that your timelapse was on air:

Below is another on National Geographic Japan:

And, your article on WIRED JAPAN:

Finally your TRONized Movie on GIZMODO JAPAN!

Ok. You are very well-known here in Japan, many people has seen your artistic creations!

This is very cool!

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