Short Comet ISON film

What a pity that comet ISON disintegrated during his journey around the Sun.

But we have comet LOVEJOY now (if we can see it – trough the clouds).

However, after a crazy one and a half weeks being part of a film crew in charge of time-lapse for a commercial filmed on the canary islands, and after return immediately filming for another project this week around Innsbruck, I just cut and edited my little comet ISON homage. At times I like being immersed for an hour or two in front of FCPX and weaving my footage into a short film. It is relaxing and fun to be in the edit flow.

So here we go. For the original story just jump here and for our last comet PanSTARRS story morph here.

The X-MAS Comet that wasn’t from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy it!

Christoph Malin

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