The ISS Cupola seen as a 360 degree VR timelapse!

I am happy to announce that I have finally created a new Quicktime 360 degree VR time-lapse of some International Space Station 180 degree circular footage*…

The technique I have used to create this sample mix of some circular cupola VR time-lapses is the same described here.

I am looking forward to process all circular ISS footage I have into separate VR time lapses in the next days.

*Please note: these are work in progress – beta. I am currently learning and working on the video player interface and other details. Please allow the Timelapse a couple of seconds to load (depending on your web connection it can even be a minute) – once the music starts, you are good to go. If the timelapse does not start even after a longer time, please reload in your browser, this can help.

ISS Cupola 360 Degree VR timelapse

Cupola 360 Degree VR

Cupola 360 Degree VR. Klick on Image to open the 360 VR in a new Window.

This is a short demo mix of various time-lapse VR scenes of the ISS to get an idea of the footage available from day to dawn to night to startrails.

All the best,

Christoph Malin

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