Bavaria! New ARTE / BR 4-Part Series with Timelapse by Christoph Malin

Dear Friends,

two years in the making, the exceptional “Bayern!” Series starts on August 5th on ARTE.

Bayern! ARTE Series Part 2 of 4

Bayern! ARTE Series Part 2 of 4. Image by

With an immense cinematic effort 16 exceptional people have been accompanied on their adventures and on the route to make their individual dreams and visions real, covering their stories within one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe – Bavaria.

I was in charge of Timelapse content on the Location Sets of “South” and “West”, as well as processing Timelapse content from other vendors for that series (cleaning, deflickering, color rendering and correcting as well as other enhancements incl. VFX).

A Friend, German Director Richard Ladkani worked as Head-author and Cameraman on all four parts. Richard directed the Series “South” Part, sharing camera with Tobias Corts. The “North” part was produced by Baerbel Jacks, Lisa Eder directed “East” and “West”. Executive Producer was Andrea Zimmermann, Storyhouse Productions in charge of production, Senior Editors were Ulrich Gambke (BR) and Christine Peter (ARTE). Music by Enjott Schneider.

Start of the series is with “North” at August 5th at 7.30 pm at ARTE.

Richard Ladkani’s “South” Part starts August 6th at 7.30 pm. “East” and “West” on the following days same time.

The Series will be repeated in November on BR.

Here’s a great teaser of the Series:

Bayern! Im Süden – Introsequenz from Richard Ladkani on Vimeo.

Christoph Malin

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