Adventures after Dark – new Shortfilm

Ready for some snow? Then dive in here…

Adventures after dark from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

Best viewed in Full HD, sound on!

Milky Way above Innsbruck. Hard to correct for the sodium color cast.

Milky Way above Innsbruck. Hard to correct for the sodium color cast.

There is a city in the alps, that provides a great experience for both the locals and visitors. Innsbruck, Tyrol, located at the main route to Italy, Switzerland and Germany is surrounded by stunning 2500m+ Peaks and a couple of world class skiing areas.

The best thing is: whenever you feel the need for a fresh air shock… within 20 minutes, you can go by the famous Nordkette cable car from the Cities centre at 570 m to the Hafelekar Mountain, at 2400 m.

On the winter weekends and also during weekdays, Skiers, Skihikers and Sportsnuts in general crowd the Skiing- and Freeskiing areas around the City.

“Adventures in the Dark” shows the contrast – Urban Innsbruck and the Villages below in the Valley, and beautiful starry skies above it.


The Author at the Peak at the coldest night of year!

Oh, and there’s a “little” Power Grid failure in there, check also if you can’t see it… -30 degree, it was the coldest night in austria in 2011.

Get ready for a cool skihike!

CHLLNGR aka Steven Jess Borth II and Producer Bam Spacey have provided the airy soundtrack: Bam Spaceys Desert Air mix

Equipment: Nikon D4, D700, D7000, D3s, AFS 14-24/2.8, AFS 24-70/2.8, AF 50/1.8, AF 16/2.8 and AF-DX 10/2.8 Fisheye. Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly, Vixen Polarie:

Processing: Nikon View NX, Adobe Lightroom LR4, LRTimelapse, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro X.

As always: Dive in, put your earphones on and relax…

Christoph Malin
That Guy with the Tent

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